Creating Health from the Inside Out! Being the Best You in 2018

Join Wellness By Dessa and discover ways to build health from the inside out. We are living in challenging times. Our food has been manipulated, sprayed and grown in depleted soils. Many people are suffering disease at staggering rates. There is no magic pill that is going to cure our current situation. In order to build good health, we have to develop a plan to feed our bodies at the cellular level. Come and learn things to incorporate into your everyday health regimen to create the building blocks your body needs. We will discuss and have examples of whole, organic foods, herbs and whole food supplements we can include into our healthy plan, the benefits of juicing and blending, the benefits of creating a stress reduction practice, and the importance of exercise. You will get recipes of healthy nourishing dishes to try and online resources to help you create your own health regimen. We only get one body in our lifetime and it is our responsibility to Love & Nourish it!

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