Cheesemaking 101: Learn Cheesemaking and Make Fresh Mozzarella

Cheesemaking might seem like a total mystery. How do you turn milk into this delicious textured food with so many varied flavors and smells? You’ll learn the basics of cheesemaking while making mozzarella cheese in this demonstration class. We’ll take you through the different steps of making mozzarella and you’ll see milk transformed into a melty flavorful cheese using simple equipment and a little bit of knowledge and skill. At the end, if you want to stick around for the fun, we’ll bake pizza with our cheese in the new Sweetwater Cob Oven. You’ve never had better cheese or better pizza.

Instructor Dan Durica has been making cheese on a home scale for over 15 years and specializes in easier to make fresh cheeses. You can check out his life in Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage on his Youtube channel Hardcore Sustainable.

Class Fee: $30

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Although our base price for this course is $30, Sweetwater is a nonprofit that puts on educational programs for elementary schools in the neighborhood and teaches them about food systems and basically where their food comes from. We also host community volunteer days and a farmer’s market every Sunday from November through May. You can donate to Sweetwater in addition to your course fee if you’d like to help us continue our programs. And if you want to get your hands dirty in our gardens you can contribute your time by volunteering Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday mornings from 9-12.