Hillsborough County just legalized it! Yes, now you can raise your own chickens in your backyard for fresh eggs, soil building manure, and of course, feathered companionship. Imagine going out every morning to find a few treasures in the nesting box. You’ll never find rich colorful eggs like these in your grocery store. Chickens aren’t a huge mystery and livestock can bring a whole new dimension to your urban existence.

In this Sweetwater course, you’ll learn the basics of backyard chickens, specifically:

  • Breeds – what to consider
  • What age to get your chickens? (Chicks, Pullets or Adults)
  • Chicks!! They are adorable, but here’s what you need to know
  • What chickens can do for you
  • How many chickens should you have?
  • Rooster or not to rooster?
  • Hillsborough County Rules on chicken-keeping
  • Common and trustworthy websites to order chickens from.
  • Various coops, coop space needed, number of nesting boxes, etc.
  • Feed: Organic vs. GMO, making your own feed, treats, food scraps

Misty is a retired military member with a Masters’ degree in Nutrition through Liberty University. She has devoted her retirement to homesteading and has direct experience raising hundreds of laying hens, roosters, meat birds (specifically Freedom Rangers), ducks and geese since 2016. Misty is also a caretaker of the flock of chickens at Sweetwater farm. She is passionate about regenerative farming and raising farm animals utilizing the methods of Joel Salatin, Justin Rhodes and Lisa Steele.