Earth Day

Hello Farm Friends,

Every season when Earth Day arrives (April 22), we think about how fortunate we are to work with “Mother Earth” as our mentor and guide on Sweetwater Farm.  Growing food is no easy task, and growing food organically is even more challenging. But the work is the reward, and the fresh healthy food our fuel. Remember to pat yourselves on the back this week for doing your part to preserve this beautiful place we call home.  Being the support system behind local, sustainable food systems is hard work too.  And we appreciate you.

From the Veggie Fields this week… Beetles! One type of beetle after another that loves to romp around the fields and rip apart our local fare.  Talk about challenging!  These aren’t our beneficial beetle buddies like the lovely Ladybird Beetle, but terrible creeping incredibly hungry beetles. The Yellow Margin beetle has been giving us and our Asian greens some problems since December and now with the heavy rains our known nemesis the Flea Beetle is here earlier than expected. The Flea Beetle loves to chomp away at turnip tops, arugula, mizuna, and other greens.  We’re working hard to get their population under control, but like thousands of screaming Beatles fans they are rather unruly.

If you’re working on expanding your garden knowledge and skills check out our upcoming “Worm Composting” workshop this Sunday, April 27th at 1:00pm.  Be sure to reserve your spot, here.  Or if you’d like your kids to know where their food comes and to learn how to grow their own food you can still reserve a spot for them at Farm Camp this summer.

See you at the Farm!


Program Coordinator

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