Good vibes at our Pesto Festo

First of all, a tremendous thanks to everyone who came out to PestoFesto last Saturday!  Guests, volunteers and farm crew alike made this celebration an outrageously good time. Despite the deluge prior to the festo festivities we had a magnificent time and turnout.  We hooped, hollered, toasted, bid, dined, grooved, drank, and danced all the rain threats away.  Thanks everybody for the good company and good vibes.

We have two new additions to the CSA share and farm harvest list this week.  Clio Dandelion Greens and Frisee Endive are both members of Chicory family and ridiculously high in Vitamin K.  Don’t worry–we’re not feeding you those obnoxious dandelion weeds that haunt your yard.  The Clio variety or Cichorium intybus is completely different than the troublesomeTarazacum officinale and way better for you.

See you at the farm!


Program Coordinator

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