Worms Are An Organic Farmer’s Best Friends!

Most of us know the benefits of composting – it reduces yard and food waste as well as energy and fuel, it’s wonderful for your plants, giving them the nutrients that they need to thrive, and it could save you money! But did you know that you can use worms to do the dirty work for you? It’s called vermicomposting – the worms turn food waste into nutrient-dense compost called worm castings.

We use our vermicompost to nourish our plants in the education garden. We also turn it into “worm tea,” or vermicompost (minus the worms!) mixed with water. In diluted amounts, it acts as a natural fertilizer, while in more concentrated amounts, it acts as a natural weed killer!

If you’re ready to start vermicomposting, here’s a great guide to get you started!


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