Welcome 2012-2013 Members!

Welcome new CSA Members for the 2012-2013 Season!

The Farmers are busy preparing for another season here at Sweetwater! In the fields we are growing our covercrops, which are Sesbania and Sorghum. Covercrops help to protect the soil from weeds and erosion during our hot summer months. We have begun mowing some of the covercrop into the fields, which helps add more organic matter to our soil. We are also preparing sections at the Children’s home for our first plantings. Discing the fields prior to plantings helps to break down the mowed covercrop matter and deter weed seeds from sprouting. Soon we will be planting our winter squashes, Red Kuri and Spaghetti, which should be ready to harvest by November. Other crops which we have begun propagating in the greenhouse are peppers, eggplant, onions, scallions, kales, collards, celery, and edible flowers. We have also been busy making tons of compost. The compost will be spread onto the fields in preparation for our fall crop plantings. If you’re interested in coming out to volunteer with us we have one more “volunteer day” scheduled for the summer on September 15th from 8:30-12.

Thanks for supporting local organic agriculture!

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