Fingers (& Toes) Crossed

By this time next week we’ll have had our first hearing on our Rezoning application we submitted to Hillsborough County.  While we are feeling confident that the application will be approved given the complete and total outpouring of support we have received from members, neighbors, school children, and even folks who have never visited our community – we want to continue to encourage our members and supporters to send in your letters and sign our petitions in support of the rezoning.  Please help us in keeping all fingers and toes crossed!

And the farming goes on.  Brother Mark recently installed our drip irrigation, so this week the farm crew will plant our first spring tomatoes!

This week will also be a time to focus on our newly planted potatoes, we will be using a technique called flame weeding on the furrows where our potatoes are growing. With most plants you could us a hoe for weeding, but in this case the growth of the potato would also be disturbed. Flame weeding is a common organic practice that allows you to keep the weeds at bay until the potato sprouts. We can look forward to delicious potatoes at the end of the season!

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