We Are So Thankful

At this time of year, as we reflect on the past year and the upcoming months, we are thankful for many wonderful things.  As organic farmers, we are thankful for the earth, the sun, the rain and the goodness of growing greens naturally. As educators, we are thankful for the bright young minds that visit, the questions that keep us learning too and opportunities to share our knowledge.  As a farmer’s market we are thankful for the community that supports us, the beautiful sounds from our local musicians and for our vendors that bring such talents and diversity to our farm.  As a farm, we are thankful for the efforts and hard work of our small but dedicated staff, the trust of our board members, and the insight of our founder in creating such an inspiring place.  Lastly and most importantly we are thankful for our members, our volunteers, our interns, and all those that support Sweetwater through their hard work, their willingness to share Sweetwater’s story and their belief in our efforts.  Thank you all for making Sweetwater possible.

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