The votes are in…

It’s official, the first week Members seem to be happy with their choice to join a CSA and were very excited to pick up their first share of the new Season!

The Farmers been working hard in fields preparing for the first shares of the season. Luckily it’s been dry and the weather has cooled down a bit. Our pepper harvest is very strong as the plants are doing well both at Children’s Home and Sweetwater fields. Expect to see the Ace variety of bell peppers and the hotter varieties, Hungarian hot wax and Jalapenos again this week in the share. Some crops were hit harder than others by the extremely wet conditions early on in the season. The summer squash and cucumbers in particular are having a hard time rebounding from their stressful start in flooded fields. These crops do not thrive in wet conditions and due to this we may see a small fall harvest of both summer squash and cucumbers.

There are plenty of other crops in the fields which are flourishing. In the upcoming weeks expect to see more kale, collards, mustard greens and turnips!

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