The Most Lovely Cabbage

You can put your cabbage cravings to rest. Savoy cabbage as arrived.

Savoy cabbage is described by many as the loveliest of the cabbages (strange but true– google it).  It has crinkled green leaves and a yellow center, its taste is also less distinctive than its green or red cabbage crib mates as savoy is known for being far sweeter and having a mild taste.  So for those of you who have family members that have put up a hand to our chummy cabbage comrades try to reintroduce the savoy to them in a recipe this week.

Like other Brassicas, cabbage is high in nutrients and low in calories.  Cabbage gives us Fiber, Vitamins K, B6, A and C, as well as staples such as Iron and Manganese. Unlike other cabbages, the savoy can’t be forgotten in your fridge for 4 weeks and still expected to perform for dinner. Savoy cabbage ought to be used within a week.

We got other exciting news this week– Sweetwater Farm is a finalist in the WEDU Be More Awards!  Thank you to everyone who voted for the farm in November and we are grateful to be considered in the final round.

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