Thank you for making this happen

Ahhh, and now we are at the end. The finish of each season reminds me of when I was back in school– saying goodbye to all the new friends you’ve made and people you’ve gotten to know, reflecting on the work you’ve done over the year, and looking forward to planning the next year. It is amazing how many people put work into this farm and all of its programs. We would like to thank the following individuals for the time, skills, and good vibes they have dedicated to our farm this season.

Caroline Garber, Casey Boduch, Hallie Bruckner, & Nat Ratchen– thank you for your endless work in the fields and humor as our farm apprentices!

Kristie Babbage, Zak Eubank, & Jenise Carr– thank you all for being such amazing farm interns!

Tracy Copes and Caitlyn Corrao– thank you for your beautiful design work and being a huge part of our grassroots network!

Emily Petrilli, Debra Fournier, Katherine Alexandria, Rachel Naeyaert, Anna Spasov, Lisa Streater, and Luke Goodwill– thank you for thoughtfully teaching students where their food comes from each week!

Suzanne Young– thank you for jumping in with both feet for outreach events and workshops and helping in so many ways!

Michi Wischenewski– thank you for being the first line of contact for our volunteers!

Mike Handley, Papos Frassica, and Jerrod Simpson– thank you for bringing the market the best music the bay has to offer each Sunday!

Becky Ashby, Katherine Alexandria, Brian Mason, Erin Saucer, Leah Vicencio, and Sarah Simmons– thank you for your committed work in the produce stand for the entire season!

Susan Oliver, Gururas Khalsa, and Katherine Ciuba– Thank you for teaching a variety of yoga each Sunday!

Deborah Garber, Nancy Greenless, Virginia Overstreet, Any Lab Test Now!, and Deborah Sullivan– thank you for going a step further and opting to be a Friend of the Farm. Your generous contributions and membership allow us to keep growing and educating our community on where their food comes from.

Farm and Events volunteers– thank you to all the individuals who came out to the farm and participated in our annual events this year. Thank you for battling the rain, heat, bugs, and helping to make it all come together.

We look forward to seeing everyone next season and we’d love to see you at one of our TLC 4 TNC volunteer days this summer.

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