Signs of Spring

Peaceful Greetings Sweetwater Community!

The weather is starting to warm up but we still have time for at least one more share of spinach this season. And as another sign of spring, our first green bean bed is starting to grow. This week we have to clear out a bed of green cabbage that has not sized up because of the warmer temperatures, so cabbage in the share will be one pound consisting of 2-4 small but tender cabbage heads.

Here is a simple Cole-slaw recipe suggestion using mostly CSA share items. Start by shredding the green cabbage, green kohlrabi, fennel bulb (all from this week’s share) and a couple of carrots (if you have some left over from last week’s share). You can dice the fennel leaves and parsley to add as well (save the thinnly chopped Kohlrabi leaves for a mixed salad). Finish with your favorite dressing or make one with diced garlic or scallions, some lemon juice, olive oil and any spices you wish. Enjoy!

One of my family’s favorite Sweetwater vegetables that is in the share this week is Fennel, a culinary and medicinal herb known in Italy as Finocchio which has an anise-like flavor. The bulb can be used in many ways including root bakes, diced in salads or shredded in Cole-slaw. The leaves can be chopped and added to salads, juiced or infused as a digestive tea.

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