Share donations serve locals in need

This week we are making a large fresh produce donation to the Feeding America Tampa Food Bank and The Children’s Home. Last week many CSA members did not pick up their shares. Since shares are harvested fresh on pick-up days, if the shares do not get picked up by our members, members can feel good knowing that their shares have been donated to local people in need. Remember shares cannot be “made up” by picking up on a subsequent day. Thank you.

Its lettuce season again! We have many varieties ready to harvest so enjoy your colorful, flavorful salads. And to top it off we have many herbs in the share that are a great addition to salad dressing.

Not sure what to do with the Kohlrabi? Try making mashed kohlrabi, just peel and boil and use as you would potatoes. Another great idea is to shred the bulb to use in coleslaw.


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