Season Finale

The final, crowning week of this season has arrived. This is the last week for CSA pick-ups for the 2013-2014 season and Sunday Market. For our last act this season, remember to come out to our Farmers’ Market this Sunday to get your summer fix of organically grown produce, artisan crafts, farmy music jams, local food, sweaty farmers, and good vibes. If you have a friend that has never been to the farm, invite them to our Farm Tour and Open House during the market. The tour will be led by Sweetwater’s very own founder, Rick Martinez, and then a Q&A session for anyone interested in our CSA membership, education programs, and finding out what is a non profit, community farm. The farm tour is from 1:00-2:00pm and you can stay to chat and learn at 2:00pm.

Don’t let the news get you down though. We’ll be back next season and you can still sign up for your 2014-2015 CSA membership here!

As this season winds down we want to thank all the wonderful and vital community member volunteers who made it possible. Your hard work, dedication, quick wits, and passion make this farm’s gears continue grinding. We deeply thank you for your individual contributions.

Kat Poblete, Lauren Miller, Ellen Trimarco, and Arella Hordyk– thank you for bringing the heat as our farm apprentices this season!

Nik Kniehase, Caroline Garber, and Michi Wishchenwski– thank you for being the most wicked awesome farm interns!

Tracy Copes and Caitlyn Corrao– thank you for creating creative and fun designs for us and being an essential part of letting people know who we are!

Emily Petrilli, Caroline Garber, Amanda Fisher, Erica Rodriguez, and Erika DeLoreto– thank you for skillfully teaching kids where, in fact, their food comes from and showing such an outstanding level of commitment!

Suzanne Young and Elizabeth Murray– thank you for being absolutely divine help through community outreach, events, workshops… you name it!

Margo Maseman– thank you for your diligent and mindful help with volunteer coordination!

Joel Chudnow– thank you for all your enthusiasm and support of the farm and gleefully sharing it with others!

Bert Gunther and Mike Handley– thank you for expertly bringing us the tunes every week!

Becky Ashby, Katherine Murray, Keith Pacific, and Sarah Simmons– thank you for your reliable commitment to keep the market rolling every Sunday!

Susan Oliver, Gururas Khalsa, and Kristen Prosen– thank you for bringing an array of yoga and health living options to the farm every Sunday!

Deborah Garber, Nancy Greenless, Jaye Maddon, Virginia Overstreet, and Crystal VanMeter– thank you for being an important support system to our farm by opting to be a Friend of the Farm! Your help allows us to grow our outreach and education effort even further!

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