Harvesting Rainbows

This week’s share has plenty of color varieties to make all your dishes look like rainbows! Have fun mixing all the different lettuces and adding tasty greens like fennel, rainbow chard and spinach. The cabbage crop has finally come in, we’ll be harvesting some green and some savoy cabbage this week and hopefully more to come. These are medium size but very tasty, enjoy. We have some more Hakurei Turnips this week, use them in any kind of dish. Just don’t forget to use the nutritious and vitamin C-rich leaves.

One of the most rewarding tasks at our new farm is weeding. Because we are starting from scratch, this means that if we do not allow any of the exsisting weeds to flower or seed, then it will get to a point where there is no longer weed seeds in the soil. Many gardners say that it takes 7 years to use up all the seeds stored in the soil then you have a weedless farm. It tickles me to think about a farm without weeding, so many extra projects we could tackle! This is our goal at the Children’s Home farm, come and help us make it a reality!

Don’t be nervous about volunteering, just come hang out with some nice people in a beautiful place and help grow healthy organic food in a way that is respectful to the Earth. If you have many gardening questions, just join in with the farmers, we love to talk about growing food! Remember that farming is something that can be shared by people of any age and any background, food brings us all together.

CSA Member Renewals begin this week.  We sure hope you will join us again next season.  Peace

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