Planting has begun at our new Farm!

The lettuce is ready to harvest! This may seem like a late start but is actually the environmentally friendly start of its season in this region. Instead of trying to extend its growing season we have decided to grow it during its appropriate time of the year in order to avoid excessive pest damage and bolting due to warm weather. From now till the end of the season we should have lettuce in nearly every share.

New in the share this week is green bell peppers and Banana Wax Peppers. The Banana Peppers are a mild heirloom hot pepper, delicious raw, in cooked meals and makes great salsa.

Last week we finally began planting and direct seeding at our new Children’s Home farm site. Lettuce, Mustard Greens, Rainbow Chard, Spinach, Beets, Carrots, Arugula, Mizuna and Radishes are now growing in the newly prepared fields.

Come learn how your food is grown and harvested, join the Sweetwater farm crew Wednesday through Sunday starting at 8:30am. The more volunteers we have on harvest days, the larger the shares will be, and will also ensure that we do not run out of any items. We have been so busy maintaining our fields, harvesting for the CSA and starting a brand new farm that we have not had time to weed any of the crops. Come and help us weed so we can ensure the success of our crops, this is a community project, your participation is crucial. Also learn about the many edible and medicinal weeds that grow in the fields, many of which have more nutritional benefits than the crops we plant. Weeds are free, just pull them yourselves.

Thank you for supporting community agriculture, together we are creating a safe, healthy food system for our families. Peace

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