We reek, but at least our plants are healthy! This week we have been applying fish emulsion, you got it—dead fish guts, and liquefied seaweed to everything. As our seeding and planting are winding down, we are paying extra attention to ensure that all we presently have in the ground maintains its green, lively state. Fish emulsion is a naturally-derived organic fertilizer that will grant the vegetables nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium while seaweed is helpful to improving plant growth and strength. So while some of us still can’t get dates or are told by our significant squeezes to take a shower, we continue to vigorously douse the veggies (along with ourselves) and get used to our new oceanic aroma.


We promise to shower if you’ll promise to join us for our next season. CSA Membership renewals are happening now. If you are new to Sweetwater, hang on for a few more days! On April Fool’s Day (April 1) we will begin accepting applications from new members too. No joke. Check out our website for more info.

And don’t forget – Members that normally pick up this Sunday the 31st should pick up on Saturday the 30th instead.  We’ll be here 12:00-4:00 with your shares ready.  Enjoy the holiday.

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