Lousy with Lettuces

This time of the year vegetables feel the neglect.

With cookies, key lime pie, kugel, monkey bread, lasagna, and holiday parties vegetables tend to get kicked to the curb for a month.  Try to stay inspired to keep up your veggie intake (the recommended amount is now 5-9 servings of fruits/vegetables a day) by learning new tasty, nutritious recipes. This Sunday, December 6th come by our Healthy Cooking Demo: Easy Soups and Simple Salads to get new ideas on how to keep your meals budget friendly and health friendly this winter season.

You can also spread the love of the veggies this season with a gift certificate to the farm that can be used in the Sweetwater Market Stall on Sundays or towards a CSA share.  Gift certificates are available for purchase at the Sunday Market.

In farm news, we have hit lettuce season!  Over the coming months you’ll notice many different varieties and types of lettuces at the farm. Below are types of lettuces we grow:

-Looseleaf Lettuce: Often colorful, open headed lettuce
-Cos or Romaine Lettuce: Open, tall heads with strong, crunchy leaves
-Butterhead Lettuce: Open heads with thin leaves that are known to “melt in your mouth”
-Batavian Lettuce: Known for having thick crunchy leaves

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