Let the shares begin!

To me, it seems as though the summer has flown by.  But ask one of our hardworking farmers about their summer, and they’ll tell  you it was one of the longest.  Thankfully, all of their hard work is about to pay off.

This week they’ll watch the CSA members stroll down the walkway and into the barn with bags in hand and smiles on their faces.  They’ll pick up the very first of this seasons harvest – winter and summer squash, radish, cucumber, and greens.  Each member will show in their own way their appreciation for the thoughtful work that has gone into growing the best local organic veggies around.  And the farmers will hear that magical word that reminds them time and again why they chose this labor of love.  The word that CSA members all over the country long to to tell their farmers face to face… “thanks”.

We’ll see you all very soon.

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