Learn with us on Saturday!

Hope everyone is enjoying all the winter hardy leafy greens that have been in the share. Those crops are really enjoying this cool weather and are great in stir-fries and soups. This week we will again harvest Mustard Greens, both the red and the green varieties which can be used interchangeable. They have a strong peppery taste when eaten raw, but a mild flavor when sauteed. Try lightly sauteing with garlic and olive oil and topping with sesame oil. Great source of vitamin A.

Join our founder, Rick Martinez, this Saturday at the farm for his “Organic 101” workshop from 12-2.  An informative and fun class for members and non-members.  (A donation of $35 is suggested.)

Thanks to those folks that have been returning rubberbands, we are happy to re-use them. Have a wonderful week. Peace

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