Last CSA Harvest and Market

Summer is here, which means our growing season at Sweetwater is almost over for now. Thank you all for supporting another season of community agriculture. We have had a great season and are grateful to each and every person involved in this sustainable community agriculture program. Much love and appreciation to all our dedicated farmers, volunteers and members. Thank you for sticking with us during rough weather (cold, heat, floods), which sometimes resulted in small shares and difficult working conditions. Also great to enjoy bountiful harvest days, fun events and beautiful weather together. I hope everyone has enjoyed the harvest and welcome any feedback.

We still have lots of food left in the fields for this last harvest week, come join us this week to help get it all out of the fields. The more folks we get out this week, the more food we will be able to salvage.

This summer we will be busy starting our new farm at the local Children’s Home. We will be having several volunteer work days on Saturdays to accomplish several projects such as building a greenhouse, raising a pole barn and burying irrigation pipe. Anyone interested can e-mail our volunteer coordinator or myself to be included in the notices.

Hope everyone has a wonderful summer, looking forward to seeing you all next season. Peace

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