It’s Alive!

Things are coming to life again at Sweetwater!  Plants are green in the ground, our tractors and cooler are humming along again (a few tractors and our trusty cooler were exhausted– very Hollywood– after last season and have been pampered and prepped for the growing season ahead.  In fact our cooler is now a CoolBot diva. So cool. Burr.), we’re welcoming new faces and looking for some new faces at the farm.

Hailing from Georgia, Florida and Connecticut, our three Farm Apprentices for the 2015-2016 season have arrived in Tampa to learn the basics of organic agriculture and to get their hands dirty.  Sean, Marissa, and Jess are in the farm house and have been planting, laying irrigation, prepping fields and seeding like they were born to do it.  At the end of September, our Education Apprentice will join the team to hone her skills in Farm to School education.

As we get ready for the start of the season we are looking for some great volunteers to join the team on Sundays during the Farmers’ Market.  Our wonderful Yoga Coordinator, Susan, is looking for volunteers who are Yoga Alliance 200 hour certified yoga teachers.  If you are interested in volunteering for the karma please contact Susan at

We’re also looking for people that love to cook and to share cooking knowledge!  We’re seeking a few volunteers who would teach 30-60 minute cooking demos for visitors to our market.  Specifically, recipes that are easy, healthy, and feature seasonal Florida vegetables.  We can cover supplies and have the equipment– we just need excited cooking teachers.  Please contact Kaitlin at if you are interested.

Got a fridge you’d like to volunteer to the farm?  We are looking for a couple mini fridges and a regular sized refrigerator to help our daily operations! This donation can be used as a tax deduction.  Please contact us if you have a spare fridge.

See you at the farm soon!

PS Our first market starts October 18th!

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