Help us spread the News!

Sweetwater is turning 20 this year, and still we hear from folks new to our community… “we didn’t know you were here!”  We know, sometimes it’s fun to keep a good thing quiet and all to yourself.  You’re probably waiting for just the right moment to surprise your family and friends with this healthy, fun, and farmy little place you’ve claimed as your own.  But with our 20th Anniversary next month, the media will be all over it and soon your mother-in-law, neighbor, boss, and BFF are going to hear all about us and beat you to the punch!

So go to your Facebook page now, pull up your email, or pick up the phone for crying out loud.  Don’t wait any longer.  Tell the world how you discovered us first.  How you’ve been feasting on fresh organic AND local veggies ions before it was cool.  How you’ve seeded and weeded, planted and washed.  Brag about the number of “Pesto Festos” you have under your belt.  Exclaim to them the search is over and you have found “the One”… the most authentic farmer’s market this area has to offer!  Admit that you have been hiding out on Sundays with your dog – sipping green drinks and soaking up free music.

Yes, this is YOUR community.  You have helped make us what we are today.  Now go on, and share…

And don’t forget to invite your brother, neighbor, boss, and BFF to our Farm to Fork Celebration on Sunday, February 10th.  No wait!  Buy YOUR tickets first, and THEN invite your mother-in-law, neighbor, boss and BFF… (maybe not in that order, seats are limited).


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