Happy Holidays

The Tomatoes and Bell Peppers have been the wildcard this season. Who else is amazed in the abundance they are still producing? Those Nightshades had a rough go with the rains, the heat (along with it’s vicious side-kick, uber-pests), the cold surrounding Thanksgiving; however, they are still kicking it! We can only run our luck for so long with them, so I hope everyone is enjoying their harvest and perhaps preserving some for the months to come because these favorites probably won’t be back until April.


On the opposing note, we are sowing new crops to come in the Rose Garden. This week we went through the fields with the S-Tine removing weed and growth build-up and tilling. Next week we will begin direct seeding Cascadia Snap Peas. This sweet pea was a new crop we experimented with last season, so we’re hopeful that this go-around there is an abundance for the share (in about 60 days).

Reminder: the Farm is closed on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  The CSA pick-up at the Farm is scheduled for this Friday 12-6.  The Whole Foods pick-up is also on Friday from 4-7:00.

Interested in volunteering? The farm team would love you to come help harvest! Slap that coffee pot on, grab the family, and meet us at 7:30am on Friday, December 27th or Sunday, December 29th in the barn.  It’s a great way to connect to the Earth and enjoy time with loved ones.


Happy Holidays!

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