Half Way through our Season

It’s hard to believe that half of our season is already behind us.  We have received much encouragement and support from many of our members, as well as important feedback.  As we think ahead to next season (and the CSA pricing info that will be available on our website in March), we calculate how we have done so far.  We scrutinize our expenses and pour over programs to determine the best and most responsible ways to expand our reach and to serve the members, volunteers, and farmers that have acted as the backbone of our community.  We hope that you too will consider the benefits and drawbacks of your membership with us.  Choosing to join a CSA is a big financial and emotional commitment.  Taking time from your busy life to travel to the farm to pick up your veggies and planning your meals to best utilize the offerings in your share takes dedication, planning, and flexibility.  It’s not for everyone.  Eating seasonally and locally from a relatively small urban farm close to where you live requires a certain amount of willful enthusiasm for all that is fresh and good.

Whether or not this season’s members will choose to embark on another farm to their fork adventure will depend on their willingness and ability to adapt to the constraints and limitations of a single farm.  If history is any indication, about a quarter of you will leave for greener pastures making room for new members to give this crunchy lifestyle a try.  But the majority of you will commit to return for another season.  And for those returning members, the healthy soil of Sweetwater Farm will sustain another season of growth, and the veggies and the people will flourish.

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