Farmworker Awareness Week

It’s National Farmworker Awareness Week! Do you know who your farmer is? This is an significant question to ask yourself as many farmworkers work in hazardous conditions, live in unsafe environments and are not paid a living wage. Know your farm, know your farmers, know how your farmers are treated, and know your food.

One great way to know your farm better and your farmers is by volunteering. Right now, we are going to need a lot help with our 22nd Annual PestoFesto Fundraiser on May 3rd. We’ll need volunteers to harvest vegetables, set-up chairs and tables, make salad, prepare the pesto, give parking directions, and then break it all down. If you are interested in volunteering for our annual end of season celebration please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

PestoFesto is also a great time for CSA members to get their volunteer hours in for this season. There are only two months left and there are still a lot of volunteer hours to get in! Don’t have time to volunteer this season? No worries, you can still opt out here.

Help us spread the word about Farm Camp and be our grassroots network by sharing our Indiegogo campaign via your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, smoke signal, favorite graffitied underpass, knitting circle, or email account.

See you at the Farm!


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