Live Music Series- David Rosenfield/Jct 7

Sunday, January 3rd

12:30- David Rosenfield

David Rosenfield’s indie folk songs are filled with unconventional imagery over a backdrop of raw acoustic guitar. There’s a little country music in there somewhere, vying with the rock and the folk and the blues. Benjamin McNeil of The Pulse Magazine described Rosenfield as, “…a raw-sounding philosophical conversationalist. He’s a poetic story-teller, a man with a guitar and musical integrity.”

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1:30- Jct 27 Jct 27

Jct 27 is an original band with roots high above the downtown Tampa skyline. Uke Fusion is Jct 27 bringing heavy strumming and picking to create a variety of sound, style and genres to electric “uke” playing like no other. Our inspirations and influences include Americana, Folk, Newgrass, Blues, Hawaiian and Latin roots.

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Get on stage yourself during open mic from 2:30-4:00pm!