Fermentation Workshop: Making Kim Chee, or Applied Zymurgy

Sunday, March 13th, 1:00-3:00pm

Zymurgy is the science of fermentation, a traditional way to preserve vegetables and make them more flavorful.  People in northern climates with a plant based diet need a reliable source of Vitamin C in winter, but raw cabbage doesn’t keep well, so fermentation, by generating lactic acid, preserves the valuable nutrients, as sauerkraut in northern Europe and as kim chee in Korea, both answers to food preservation and improved flavor. The fermentation process generates lactobacilli, probiotics in the preserved vegetables good for your gut and overall health.  During this hands on workshop participants will learn to make the fermented Korean dish, kim chee.  Each participant will also go home with their own jar of kim chee that they have made in class.

Registration in advance is required.  Cost is $20. Register by clicking here.

Kimchi” by Lori L. Stalteri, , CC BY 2.0