Rain Barrel Installation @ Sweetwater Cafe

Sweetwater Organic Community Farm won a mini-grant from the Tampa Bay Estuary Program for 2024 to pay for materials to install a rain catchment system for the Sweetwater Café. This demonstration project will help Tampa Bay by preventing polluted stormwater from draining into Sweetwater Creek, only a couple of miles upstream from the bay. It will also serve as an educational display for the public, to teach others about the importance of harvesting rainwater. A variety of rain harvesting features will be installed, including: five rain barrels, two totes and two rain gardens. Each feature will be installed by volunteers from Sweetwater Farm under the supervision of a certified rainwater harvesting practitioner. Each workday will be open to the public to watch and ask questions.


On Sunday April 28, we will be putting together and installing the four blue rain barrels that were donated. I will need one or two volunteers. I was checking out the volunteer sign-up page on your website. Joni was telling me that you can put in extra lines for my rainwater harvesting events on that page. I would like you to add an extra line for:




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Diane Willis is a professional botanist and environmental scientist with over 30 years of experience in Florida, and is also a permaculture designer. In 2017, she attended a training course in Arizona and became a certified rainwater harvesting practitioner. She is focused on applying the principles she learned in Arizona to the wet and humid conditions here in Florida. Her goal is to help as many people as possible learn how to manage rainwater to prevent damage to structures and to treat it as the precious resource it is. Most rainwater is currently flushed away as stormwater that picks up pollutants before washing into our waterways.