Don’t Miss Out On Medicinal Mondays!

Are you following us on Instagram and Facebook? If not, you might have missed our series called Medicinal Plants Monday! Each Monday, we feature a different edible and/or medicinal plant that you can incorporate into your life. It’s like a virtual farm tour!

For example, one of our favorites is beautyberry (also known as callicarpa)! The leaves, branches and roots can be made into a decoction and used in sweat baths to treat anything from rheumatism to malarial fevers. Beautyberry roots can also be used in a decoction to treat dizziness and stomach aches, while the bark from the stems and roots is great for treating itchy skin. (

Most importantly for us out here on the farm, the leaves contain a strong mosquito repellent! They can be harvested and boiled down like a tea and used as a spray, or made into a tincture. It really works! (

Remember to check with your physician if you plan on adding medicinal plants to your routine.


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