CSA Membership Drive Challenge

We are only three months away from the start of our 2014-2015 CSA season. Our farm team has been working hard researching new crops to add to the share, developing our crop plan, running Farm Camp and beautifying the grounds of the farm. In anticipation of our awesome season ahead we have two challenges for our CSA membership drive.

1) If 50 people sign-up for memberships in the next 60 days a generous Friend of the Farm will donate $5000 to the farm. Any CSA sign-up between August 1st and October 1st, renewing or new, counts towards this challenge. To our small farm a $5000 donation would be an enormous help– please help us win this exciting challenge!

2) Anyone who refers someone to our CSA program will receive $50 for a Full membership sign-up and $25 for a Half membership sign-up. You can refer someone whether you’re a CSA member, non-member, advocate, market supporter, field volunteer, local business owner, student…it doesn’t matter! There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer or the amount of money you can get for the referrals. The CSA referral program challenge ends after we reach 50 new memberships or October 1st.

Remember we now offer payment plans for CSA memberships and multiple pick-up locations around the Tampa Bay area. Be our grassroots network and help us get the word out!

As a non-profit farm we rely on early CSA membership sign-ups to buy seeds, have people to plant them, develop upcoming events, and to reach more kids through our education programs. By signing up for a CSA membership you are showing your support of sustainable agriculture, food security within Tampa Bay, and food education. Thank you for supporting our small farm and keeping us in your community!

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