Celebrating Celery

Our celery is growing up! While it won’t be ready for a little while yet, we thought you’d like to see how it’s coming along. The farmers always get a little tear in their eye when their babies are growing up fast.

Most people recognize celery as a diet food because it is low in calories and high in fiber. Did you know that not only is celery an old folk remedy for heartburn, but it has been around for a really long time? It was one of the ingredients in an old dessert recipe that was unearthed in the island of Pompeii, outlining instructions on how to roast chopped celery in an oven and mixing it with honey and ground pepper.

We are very proud of our growing celery!

While we are still awaiting the students’ return from the holiday break and for the field trips to start back up, we are staying very busy.  Lots of weeding, planting and harvesting still happening.

If you want to get involved, we love to have volunteers come out and work with us.  Come on out to the farm and get your hands in the dirt if you have some time on your hands to help.

Please note that the farm is closed on New Years Day. CSA pick up holiday schedules can be viewed by clicking here. We will also be open for the Sweetwater Sunday Market on December 27th and January 3rd as normal.

Wishing everyone a joyful and healthy New Year!

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