Begin your New Year Resolution…

Enjoy some healthy exercise for your body and your brain, and have fun in the dirt!  Come help us this Thursday and Saturday mornings to harvest for the last shares of the 2011 year. (Remember, there is no CSA pick-up or Market on Sunday – New Year’s Day).

Thursday and Saturday we will gather at the Sweetwater barn at 8:30am and then head out to harvest. Good way to meet wonderful people, learn about how your food is grown and get some productive exercise. If you have young children, bring them out to join in on the fun, growing food and community is a family affair.

This week we are continuing to harvest the Joi Choi, this is the white-stemmed Bok Choy. This delicious choy has juicy crunchy stems that are great raw for dipping in hummus or spreading with nut butters. Also fantastic in stir fries, salads or use the leaves as a wrap. And finally the cilantro is ready to harvest, I’m especially excited since I use this herb in all of my cooking.

Happy new year to all, wishing you much Peace and Love.

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