Beetle Mania

Usually a beetle that hangs out in the margins, the Yellow Margin Beetle has come to the farm to snack on our luscious Asian greens and cabbages. We are counting on some of our beneficial insect friends, such as wasps, to marginalize the destructive population. Unfortunately, we will be losing a few beds of Joi Choi to these yellow demons and will have to till in the crop to avoid further infestation. Luckily, there is a summer dormancy that may start soon as long as the weather stays hot.


A new addition to the CSA share this week that has remained unaffected by the beetles is parsley. This crop has stereotypically been slotted as largely a garnish when it really has wonderful health benefits and is a staple in many recipes. Parsley juiced with carrots is a great heart tonic that helps to lower blood pressure. It’s also delicious when ground into a paste with spices to make chimmichurri sauce! So this week is a great time to experiment with creative ways to incorporate parsley into your diet.

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