Baby, it’s cold outside!

This week, the farmers prepared the crops for the bitter Florida winter. It’s expected to be in the mid to low 30s for at least a couple more nights! To prepare, we’ve buttoned up the greenhouses – this means that we’ve brought everything not yet planted in the ground inside the greenhouses and covered the houses with side panels. The panels will allow some air flow but protect the plants from frost. We’ve also covered some of the mature lettuces in the fields. Just like humans, baby lettuces are more resilient than their more mature counterparts. They’ll bounce back after the frost, but the mature lettuces either need to be covered or harvested before it freezes.

Expect to see an influx of warm weather vegetables at the market and in the CSA share. Plants like eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and lettuces can’t survive long in the cold, so we’ve harvested the majority of them and will be passing them on to you! The green tomatoes are delicious as is – or you can let them ripen on your counter.

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