April keeps us busy!

We are getting ready to transition into the spring crops. Expect your last shares of cabbage and some broccoli and soon we will be seeing some cukes and summer squash. Also this season we are being gifted with some beautiful basil much earlier then any season I have witnessed. If you get more then you need just remember you can make pesto and freeze it in ice-cube trays for later use.

Even though we are still transitioning into spring harvest, we are still working hard on preparing for next fall and next season. We are already planting cover crop or green manure crop on half of the new Children’s Home farm field. This extra work is to ensure a lot of organic matter and nutrients for next fall’s planting which will help us achieve a balance in the soil. We are always working ahead several months to guarantee a successful next season. The covercrop will also protect our delicate soil from the harsh summer sun, emerging weeds, wind erosion and rain erosion.

Please be sure to mark your calendars for two of our upcoming events, Earth Day for Kids on April 22nd and PestoFesto on May 5th. Tickets for Pesto are available on our website for the first time. This is an important fundraiser for the farm and a great opportunity to spend time with our community in a volunteer capacity or just enjoying the event!

And of course we are still accepting applications for our CSA membership from renewing and new members.  We are fast approaching 50% sold already!

Hope everyone is enjoying the season, peace, love, respect and gratitude.

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