An interview with Farmer Nick!

Nicholas MacAskill is 26 years old and originally from Michigan. He is named after Santa Claus thanks to his older sister. Nick moved down to Tampa after earning the apprenticeship position at Sweetwater. He attended Lake Superior State University and left with a Bachelor’s of Science in Conservation Biology. He loves Batman and the momentary silence that occurs when you drive under an overpass in a rainstorm.
If you were to be a fruit/veggie what would you be?
A kumquat
What are your duties at Sweetwater?
I am an apprentice but will be a part time farm hand the start of the 2017 season. I am involved in all the steps it takes for a seed to become a mature, harvestable plant. Thus, I do a WHOLE lot of weeding, feeding, treating, mowing, and harvesting.
How often do you work, and who do you work with most?
I currently work 40 hours a week basically Monday thru Friday, but I will working about 20 to 30 hours once the 2017 season begins. I work most with Farmer Jenise, the farm apprentices, and farm interns.
Who is your favorite person to work with on the farm?
Who is your favorite animal on the farm?
 Definitely not Sweetie! The striped cat that does not have an official name, and I call it a different name ever week. I am still deciding between Albus, Gandalf, Dumbledore, Gnomey, or Bruce.
What do you do when your not working on the farm?
I usually hike, kayak, read fiction books, write stories, eat Chik-fil-a, volunteer, and go to singing lessons.
What is your favorite season of the year?
Fall in Michigan! Cider mills are the best!
What is the easiest thing to grow?
Hair…But in relation to farming, I would say weeds and green beans!
What is the hardest thing to grow?
Basil and anything in the summer!
What is your favorite plant?
Sugar apple tree
Why do you like organic farming?
 I like organic farming because I enjoy being outside and getting dirty and the crops we produce make me feel good when I eat them. I also enjoy the challenge and all the wonderful people it attracts.
Why do you farm?
 I farm because I want to be able to produce healthy food for myself and my community, and I want to do the Peace Corps.
What is your favorite recipe?
My favorite recipe is anything that produces brownies.
What would be the best tip to give future farmers from you?
Flexibility is a virtue in farming. Changes in weather, machines going down, or just unforeseen circumstances happen frequently, so you have to adjust the plan and keep pushing through. Also, honey is a miracle remedy on ant bites if you put it on right after the attack.

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