In the mood to cook!

The colossal Napa Cabbage is in the share this week largely thanks to the cooler weather we have been experiencing. When the temperature drops so do the pest problems! Also known as Chinese Cabbage, this vegetable is great in Korean, Chinese, or Japanese food. Or if you just need a quick side dish, cabbage is delicious steamed with some lemon squeezed over it.

But if you’re in the mood to cook during these cooler Winter months like we are,  grab some shiitake mushrooms, yellow onions, garlic, and ginger from our Market Produce Stand (on Sunday) and make this belly-warming Napa Cabbage Miso Soup.  Pair it with some crusty bread from 20 Shekels Bread (one of our favorite Sunday Market vendors) and enjoy a delicious and healthy evening in.

You will also notice that there will be green tomatoes in the share this week. With the near frosts these past few weeks and the ones scheduled to occur in coming days, our tomato crop will be toasted. In anticipation of this event, we are opting to harvest the tomatoes that have not yet ripened. Once you take your green tomatoes home just put them in a brown bag or in a bowl with a ripening banana—just remember to leave them out on the counter and do not refrigerate them!

Of if you’d prefer to use the tomatoes in their current hue, check out the following site with several green tomato recipes such as Green Tomato & Lentil Stew and Curried Green Tomatoes!

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Enjoy… see you at the Farm!

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