Staying on schedule helps us all

Welcome back scallions to the share this week! Like onions, garlic, and shallots–scallions are a part of the Allium family. Scallions are perfect for chopping into a salad, fermenting with other winter vegetables, and of course–spicing up a stir fry. In the on going struggle that is farming, the Cabbage Loopers are back with full force. Loopers have earned their name based on the way they arch their body while crawling over and devouring plants. The best method to employ against your Looper problem is to dust the cabbage plant with ash from a fire.

A note about CSA pick-ups – in order for us to serve you better, this season we are trying to get accurate counts of actual member pick-up. As our goal is to harvest the morning of the CSA share pick-up we need to have an exact number of shares ready for pick-up. This allows everyone to get the freshest produce available and ensure the availability of each share. So moving forward, please double check your pick up date and make sure you arrive on that date. If you are unable to pick up on your regular date then please give us at least 24 hours notice prior to switching. You can do this by emailing our Program Coordinator at

Finally, we hope that you will consider making a tax-deductible year-end donation to our Farm to benefit our Education and Outreach programs.  Although “Giving Tuesday” has come and gone, there’s still time to help.  Please follow this link to our Donate page and donate using a credit card, or mail or bring in a check.  Every dollar counts.

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Thank you and see you at the farm!

Kaitlin Hennessey

Program Coordinator

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