Rain Rain go Away…

Hello Members and farm enthusiasts. The time is fast-approaching for our first harvests of the new Season. This summer, unlike any of the our first 19 years, we experienced record rains that have caused delays of getting healthy crops in the grounds. We are not alone in this experience as we have been hearing the same from our farmer friends from across the state. It has simply put, been miserable out in the fields. Our crops were planted on schedule and our team has diligently struggled through rain and mud attempting to salvage our first planting. But Mother Nature cannot be denied. So we have had to adjust by, for the most part starting over with subsequent planting that are finally doing well in the more normal weather conditions. As a result, our initial harvests will not be what we are used to. We hope for 6-7 share items the first couple of weeks. It is certain that things will be back to normal shortly thereafter, but we ask for your patience and understanding in these difficult first few weeks of the season.

We must take our hats off to our team for their persistence, the smiles on their faces and their wonderful positive attitude.

Thanks for being part of our very special farm family that Sweetwater has become. We will keep you updated on progress in the coming weeks and will look forward to seeing you all very soon.




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