Sweetwater Organic Community Farm
CSA Membership Application
2016-2017 Season
Our harvest season is approximately 30 weeks from November - May
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Membership Levels
• Half Membership.  Pick-up one share every other week ("A" weeks or "B" weeks -- based upon your last name). 
Invited to all farm functions.  Contributes at least 4 volunteer hours per season to farm activities. 
• Full Membership.  Pick-up one share every week.  Invited to all farm functions.  Contributes at least 4 volunteer
hours per season to farm activities.
• Friend of the Farm.  Receives all Full Membership benefits.  Free admission to all Workshops and Learning
Opportunities at the farm.  Receives a Sweetwater 100% organic cotton T-shirt.  Name (or Business) is listed on our
"Friends of the Farm" website page.

Seasonal Pick-Up Days
Each member will receive a pick-up schedule for your selected pick-up day.  "Full" and "Friend" members pick-up
every week.  Based upon your last name, "Half" members pick-up every other week (i.e., on our Week "A" or Week "B"
schedule.  Members should pick-up only on their scheduled day unless approval has been obtained in advance.

CSA Produce Share
Being a member of our CSA is a way to access fresh, certified organic vegetables grown locally in Tampa Bay while
supporting our nonprofit's educational programs.  The purpose of a CSA is to create a direct relationship between
a grower and a customer so both may enjoy the successes and risks of farming.  When a crop is plentiful the
members benefit from an abundance of that crop and if a crop fails due to weather or pest pressure then the member
shares in that loss with the farmer.  Each week's share will be a little different in variety and quantity, depending
upon what's growing that season and how much is harvested from the fields that week.  We aim to have 8 - 12
different items in each share including salad greens, cooking greens, root vegetables, herbs and vegetables.  

Sharing your Share – Important
Please write only one Primary Member name, address, and phone number on the application.  This person will be responsible for all payments and correspondence with Sweetwater and will be the name listed on the CSA Pick-up List.  If you are sharing your share with others, you may fill in as many as three names and email addresses that will be added to our email database to receive our newsletter.  Splitting of shares each week will be the responsibility of the Primary Member – if you choose to authorize others to pick up your share they should sign the pick-up sheet under your name.  Any refunds/credits will be paid only to the Primary member.

**Off-Site Pick-up Service
A one time $30 surcharge is applicable to all Half Memberships, and a $60 surcharge to all Full Memberships,
that pick-up at a location outside of the farm.  This surcharge helps us cover fuel to transport the food and to staff
the pick-up location.

Volunteering with Us
We ask that all CSA Members volunteer 4 hours per membership (per season) as a way of contributing to our Farm's success.  Members will be invited to a volunteer orientation (held in the Fall) and should record their hours in the Farm Volunteer Log Book.  For more information about the different types of volunteer work available and the days/times when volunteers are most needed, please see our website or contact us at:  volunteer@sweetwater-organic.org.  Members not able to fulfill 4 hours during the season may opt out of their volunteer hours by paying a $30 fee. 

Cancellation and Transfer Policy
Refunds due to member cancellation will be charged a 20% (of original amount) processing fee, and will only
be offered once all memberships are sold out.  Transferring memberships will be charged a 10% processing fee.

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Full Membership Pick-up every week

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Volunteer commitment  (4 hours per Membership)

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  your Volunteer Hours Fulfilled?*

  For the 2016-2017 Season, how will
  your Volunteer Hours be Fulfilled?
Field Work / Harvest Veggies
Assisting with Special Events
Opt Out of Hours - $30.00 Fee

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